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Train your brain, harness your creativity, and build resilience, on and off the stage!

We help performing artists use mental practices to change their brain and body’s response to stressors that get in the way of their work, build inner resources and confidence, and help them rewire their brains to align with their biggest goals.


Actors are professional feelers. 

What happens when actors feel the stress of their roles and careers too much? They become susceptible to chronic stress, brain fog, reduced access to creativity and imagination, lowered confidence levels, all of which gets in the way of their creativity and imagination.

Luckily, brain training can help turn that around!



The Resilient Audition Online Course

This program is an online, self-paced, 7-part brain training intensive for actors and performers to rewire their brains alongside their audition prep, ultimately transforming their association with auditions, breaking out of chronic audition stress, and falling in love with auditions (...literally).

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The Resilient Actor Audition Log + Workbook

This brain training and resilience-informed audition log is not only a book, it also acts as a mini course! You'll gain simple and rewarding mental practices to help you change your association with auditions (and even learn to love them). This book contains...

  • Journal prompts to visualize your goals and connect with your love of acting
  • Log pages to track (and celebrate) your auditions through a lens of mental wellbeing
  • Framework to process and embrace rejections
  • Daily brain training practice to enhance your auditions & reduce audition stress
  • A guided audition meditation
  • A guided goal visualization
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1:1 Hypnosis for Actors

In a collaborative hypnosis experience, you will be guided through relaxation techniques, tailored imagery, and ‘mental rehearsals’ to help you…

  • reduce stress in your acting career (ex: auditions, performances, the overall pressures of life as an actor)

  • open up your creative mind and access more flow in your work

  • build confidence and self-worth on a deeper level

  • feel prepared and ready for whatever happens on stage or in the audition room

  • safely navigate challenging or traumatic roles

  • connect with your goals and the joy of what you do
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Resilient Actor Workshops

We offer public workshops for actors, as well as private sessions for casts, theater education programs, and acting studios to introduce basic brain training tools to performers. We customize workshops based on your group's needs, focusing on brain training in…

  • Audition preparation: reducing audition stress, mental rehearsal practices to feel prepared, tools to process ‘the waiting’ and rejections, & more

  • Chronic stress on & off the stage

  • Brain training techniques to support character work

  • Resilience to healthfully approach traumatic or stressful roles & material

  • Building resilience in a performance career.

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Production & Cast Resilience Consulting

We teach brain training and resilience techniques to casts of actors to safely address challenging material, gain tools to maintain resilience as a cast, adopt healing resilience practices to use in rehearsals and performances, safely move in and out of character, navigate difficult emotions, and more.

Think of us as your intimacy coordinator, but instead of between actors, the work is between the actor and their character.

Depending on your needs, we offer ongoing production support through auditions, rehearsals and performances, and we also offer one-time resilience workshops for your cast members to adopt on their own. We recognize that every project is unique and we cater to the needs of the production!

Interested in bringing resilience work to your cast?

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College Audition Prep

Combine customized 1:1 hypnosis experiences with individualized audition coaching to prepare for and navigate your college auditions with certainty, ease, and resilience.

Incorporating mental rehearsal tools and performance coaching into your college preparation can help you streamline your rehearsal process, reduce stress, and build confidence as you find the right school for you.

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Download our free guided audition meditation to calm your nerves and prepare for a resilient audition

This short guided practice will train your brain to create new, positive associations with auditions